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  The Universal Control Bar : the only kite bar on the market with 4 positions for the back flying lines  

One Bar Fits All: you use the same bar for all your kites, no matter what size or brand. 4 possible settings for the back flying lines : 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm!

Nb : we also make a 55 cm bar, with the following settings : 40, 45, 50 et 55 cm.


To change the back flying line position, all you need to do is push up the foam floaters and reconnect to another hole. Very simple and effective.

  Huge depower range - the depower line can be adjusted: increased or reduced  

This bar has a huge depower range, about 20 cm more than most bars. Benefits: you can ride in waves without being overpowered. You will improve your skills in the wave.

  To increase the depower range, just move up the Clamcleat Racing (the best cleat on the market...).
To reduce the depower range, move the Clamcleat down. Then, when your bar hits the Clamcleat, the kite will keep some power.